On April & May 2016, Islamic Development Banking Group hold their global annual meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our task as their social media PR agency is to generate a conversation among key opinion leaders and inform regional public in Asia and Middle East, especially member countries, about the event content and why it’s important to them. The KPI is to get 200% additional followers and generate more than 1 million impressions during one week. Before the Annual Meeting, we pushed the content to various countries with paid media in various social media channels.

With our local network, we able to talk and approach various Key Opinion Leaders to discuss about the event with their followers seamlessly, invite them to be part of the Annual Meeting. During the event we manages client social media to create an realtime conversation from Annual Meeting participants, public and people in country members. Within a week we are able to gather more than 200% fans increase, collect more than 50 videos and generate more than 2,700 organic tweets with almost million impressions.



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