My Life as Copywriter


One time couple years go, I shove a Predator down my throat at Camden Bar right around 12 midnight and just around that time a young women in such adoration I could be, asked me what would I be in another 3 to 5 years in the future. I answered her spontaneously “I want to be a copywriter”.

I spent most of my time back in the days doing things I thought they’re more of my souls, which was to nurturing but then in the peripheral side, there is another part in my cortex that I felt that it couldn’t seize to abide. I liked the idea of multi-tasking, although to me that term is ambiguous sometimes. Some people would say that it’s because I am still very young in thriving this vast industry, thus the idea of having a lot of thoughts and things to execute yet the fruitful results to experience.
No complaints after all, I trusted my guts along the way without being flown like a dead fish in the river. So I set a motion after an opportunity once came up.

I truly understand the importance of making a company grow, but in a way my skills have also been being honed and in Holborn, with my voice triggered vigorously to be expressive, twisting thousands of words and letters while they have to be shorten up based on every requests also to adjust corporate minds.

Working in creative ideation house such as Holborn gradually helps me to mandate myself to be a peculiar person but having distinctive character that also will help me in showcasing all works and creations I’ve been in love doing.
To me as a youngster, there’s a lot of potential in each person all of us can meet and believe it or not, the potential itself may support us to pursue what we can actually plan to prevail for.

In the mean time, I postponed writing poetry and making sketches since those are what I did just before I work as a copywriter and been enjoying to put eloquence into my works, without regret. I might be following opportunities at the moment but I’m not your dead flowing fish in this capital pond, yet.


David Michael Ondo, Holborn’s Copywriter

Lost & Found

Processed with VSCO with 3 preset Processed with Snapseed.

I am a photographer that loves fashion and been working in that industry for quite a time, never crossed in my mind to work in Holborn and became part of it as the scope of work is out of my specialty.
Knowing that, it is a great opportunity for me to not only work as a photographer, but also to be part of project. I learned a lot doing production and also be the part of the activation of marketing campaign, which is from that, I also feel I can develop so much more from my talent out of imagery, photograph, design yet, I also get to understand the strategy, how it works and how I can help to bridging my skills and my knowledge.
I feel like Holborn is a brilliant opportunity for me to grow more, but I understand right now their focus is more into getting excellent deliverables. However, as an individual and part of the team, I would like to push my result into certain levels like bring Holborn’s work to the new standard of deliverables.


Allen Tan, Holborn’s Photographer


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