Medium is not something that determines our work result, this is why we never treat and give advice for our sake’s expertise.

The output of works are really depends on what’s the best for our clients. Coming from various backgrounds our team members are expert in media relations, social media, activation, digital marketing, advertising, research and branding.

Assisting our client to the complexity of digital phenomena, we accompany our client to talk to the right Key Opinion Leaders, we generate content as the part of brand stories in various format; from video to daily updates, from key message to brand experience and being insightful local partners to our client business are the key of our approach.


Approach Holborn


Every communicator dreams to be understood by its audience. Anyone can create messages and share it to the world, but do the audience really get it? Do they find it relevant enough? The answer to these questions lies in our three secret approaches.


What is a story if it cannot be shared (easily)? We create an agile strategy to make sure your customers and stakeholders can easily share your stories across all channels to well, pretty much everyone that matters.


We make use of original ideas; the kind that will inspire others, not perspire them. Our creativity will move your stories from great to compelling.


Every brand may have a good story to tell, but is it good enough to move the customers’ hearts? At Holborn, we communicate your story to create the emotional relevance with the customers.