Holborn is your go-to-guy when it comes to creative communication and marketing.

We are the unification of creativity, social engagement and digital marketing. Combining what you need and what you expect; we have strong local insights also, we execute our client’s task efficiently. We love to think ourselves as client’s partner.

Community Management

We make sure that the community around you, will stay in love with you.


We manage our client’s community and provide public engagement strategy and execution. This service includes managing bloggers, key opinion leaders and brand ambassador.

Social Media Management

We manage the flood of conversation and topics on your social media.


We manage social media assets for clients and provide content as well as responding to consumer’s feedbacks. Monthly reporting of social media assets performance is included in this service.

Digital Marketing & PR

We are in charge to make people desire, and speak highly of your brand across all necessary channels.


We create marketing strategy for clients, integrating traditional marketing with digital, including online and offline activities.

Web Development & Design

We express who you want to be, through your website.


We create website and applications for clients. This service includes website assessment, user interface & user experience designing, recommendations, development phase, building, and hosting.


We create unique experience for your customers, so that your brand will be the only thing they will remember.


We prepare and execute activation ideas for clients, aimed to engage client’s target or achieve awareness.


We believe that is important to be the most relevant topic to your customer in search engine.


Media placement in online will give impact to your business if properly executed. We provide comprehensive report and measurement to justify your marketing investment.

We are good at

Web Development 75%
Design & Photography 80%
Marketing & PR 75%
Consumer Engagement & Activation 80%

Our Strengths

Ideas & Strategies

We are an integration of creativity, social engagement and digital marketing strategy, with strong local insights and smart executions.


We combine taste and style in our ideas, strategies, designs, and experiences.


We are a team of people with communication background in public relations, advertising and marketing. We put our experiences into creative engagement plans for client’s needs.

Featured portfolio projects

Tiket.com Market Research

We helped Tiket.com to understand their consumer behavior by conducting in depth research.

MAG Dancewalking

As the part of awareness campaign to reflect the spirit of MAG, Holborn conduct a dancewalking event during car free day.

MAG Bucket List

MAG launched a contest that bringing message to everyone to encourage people to go out and explore the world and be responsible by being insured at the same time.

Additional Services

We help our clients to build their credential and credibility through brand development from brand system and brand application.
We believe that it’s easily for customer to understand a compelling stories through videos.
In this intense competition, research is getting more and more important to be able to always connect with the consumers. Mastering on the research will help companies to have the ammunition to understand the market dynamic and develop strong presence in customer’s mind.
From issue mapping to identifying potential key influencers to your brand, we provide comprehensive analysis that will determine your future strategy.
Relationship is the key to make your brand speaks to the right people. We help you to manage your engagement through creative event and activities offline.

What clients say

  • It was a successful and fruitful mission and it was a pleasure working with all of you. The event was successful because of your efforts. Thank you very much for your kind support and cooperation. I wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross again in the near future.
    Sahal Al Marwai, Islamic Development Banking Group
    Sr. Outreach and Event Management Officer & Lead Business System Analyst
  • "MAG insurance is one of Holborn's first client, and for a small team, they still maintain a fast-paced and professional working system. My hope is Holborn may be able to be more developed and be more solid as a team. Looking forward to have other fun projects with Holborn."  
    Farid Syah Putra, MAG Insurance
    Marketing & Communication
  • "Me and my team are happy to work with Holborn team. It's still the beginning of our relationship but looking forward to see a better collaboration in near future."
    Agrie Pratama, ASTRA International
    Analyst PR Division Corporate Communications

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